Management Team

Board Member

Josephine Hai-I Shen  - former President and CEO, board member of Scino Pharm, Taiwan, Ltd

Zu-Jean Tien - former Worldwide Marketing Vice President, United Microelectronics Corporation

1997-2003  Dr. Tien worked for United Microelectronics Corporation ( UMC ) as Worldwide Marketing Vice President. She managed $600M business of integrated circuits manufacturing for global strategic customers, IBM, HP, Philips, Motorola, Sony, QualComm etc. Before working for UMC, Dr. Tien worked for TSMC as a Sales Program Manager and  a start-up Program Manager for a new fab, Wafertech, in Washington State.

Isabel Mahe

Vice President of Wireless Technologies at Apple Inc since 2008, responsible for the design, implementation and quality of wireless technologies for all of Apple's products as well as managing iPhone and iPad's technical approval with all the carriers world wide


Executive Staff

Zu-Jean Tien - President

Deborah Hsu Teng - Secretary & Auditor

Jie Qu- Treasurer ( former finance manager for General Motor, Shanghai, China )

Yu Quan Jiang, Cady Yu  - Marketing 

Howard Chung - Legal Counsel (Chung Enterprises, L.P. , San Francisco, CA)

Regional Representative

Wu Lin Zheng - Beijing, China

 Xin Yu Zhang - Xi An, China