How to Donate

Your fund can be in the form of DONATION or a LOAN. WE ACCEPT ANY AMOUNT OF DONATIONS. YOUR DONATION IS 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Donation less than $500 USD will be managed at EPI's discretion. For example, EPI may use the donation for operation expense or for loans. Donation above $500 USD can be designated as a microfinance loan or EPI operation expense. If you designate a microfinance loan, we will use 10% of your donation to support our operation costs unless a mutually agreeable instructions has been set up.

You can choose to make a LOAN, not donation, to EPI. A loan will receive no interest, and will be returned to you at the end of the loan term, usually 12 months. Loans are NOT tax deductible. However, we will use 10% of your fund to support our operation costs. This 10% will be treated as DONATION. For example, your $500 fund will be taken out 10%, $50, for operation donation and the remaining $450 will be your loan amount. Please read " How EPI Works " for loan repayment. EPI has engaged with qualified families who receive loan amounts around $3500 USD for a 12-month term. Currently, we are asking for loans of $500 USD or above. To contribute to a loan or donation, please click the " DONATE " button below or send your check to: Everybody Pitch In P. O. Box 2878 Saratoga, CA, 95070-0878 USA