About Us

Everybody Pitch In (EPI) was founded in 2010 after the founder, Zu-Jean Tien, traveled to rural villages in China and witnessed the effectiveness of microfinance. EPI strives to provide microfinance loans to the poor. During her visit from 2008 to 2011, Zu-Jean discovered millions of Chinese still living in devastating conditions including poor housing, the lack of drinking water and medical supplies. In contrast, some poor entrepreneurs and farmers were able to turn around their lives after receiving microfinance loans. For example, a woman in Lai Sui County, He Bei Province, used the micro-loans to start a garment making business. After seven years of microfinance loan support, she was able to establish a factory in her basement and hired thirty of her neighbors.

Everybody Pitch In (EPI) is a non-profit, 501(c)3, corporation formed by a group of experienced business managers in 2010. EPI is dedicated to help entrepreneurs who are living below the poverty line in Asia. EPI works closely with reputable microfinance institutions (MFI's) to provide qualified entrepreneurs with small business loans, essential business information, and viable business opportunities. EPI will fund the MFI's and connect them into a network using modern information technology. EPI also connects lenders and borrowers on the internet to facilitate the loan borrowing and repayment process.

Many lenders have joined EPI, opening the opportunity to fund many micro-loans in Shan Xi, Si Chuan, He Bei and He Nan provinces in China. EPI has provided 160 loans made to Chun Hua County Poverty Alleviation Economic Cooperatives in Shan Xi Province, Tong Jiang County Poverty Alleviation Economic Cooperatives in Si Chuan Province, Lai Sui County Poverty Alleviation Economic Cooperatives in He Bei Province and Nan Zhao County Poverty Alleviation Economic Cooperatives in He Nan Province. All loans have been paid back 100%.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise funds to provide loans and opportunities to the poor.

Due to the lack of funds, only 10% of the applicants received a loan in each MFI working with EPI. They all have had a difficult time raising funds to help more low income entrepreneurs. In addition, many low income villages in China have no sources of funding at all. According to a 2014 Chinese government statistics, there are 70.17 million Chinese living below the poverty line. We're hoping to make an impact by the funds we raised.